Our Services – This is How We Can Help

Access to all of our services begins with a private in-person interview.  We interview clients on a first-come, first-served basis.
Our volunteer interviewers have been carefully selected and trained to help you.  They are dedicated to meeting your needs.  In addition to the help that Daystar provides, they may also refer you to other local social service or government agencies.

Daystar purchases food to supplement donations from local supermarkets, food banks, the USDA, and generous individuals.  Our food pantry usually has frozen meat, fresh produce, non-perishable food and juice.  We help with your needs on an emergency basis and monthly thereafter.  Daystar handed out over 22,000 bags of food last year.  Our volunteers can guide you through the online application for SNAP benefits.  Last Thanksgiving and Christmas we distributed 677 complete holiday dinners.

Services - bags of nutricious food

Service - bag lunches

Services - Holiday Dinner



We have good used clothing and shoes, and new socks and underwear at the Daystar Life Center.  We may pay for work boots if required by your job.  You may also receive a voucher to shop at no cost at the Daystar Thrift Shoppe for work clothing, business suits, backpacks, and more.

Services - clothing



f you are setting up a new home, the Daystar Thrift Shoppe has kitchen utensils, dinnerware, sheets, towels, and furniture at low prices or free to eligible clients.

We can help with a portion of your overdue rent and utilities.  The amount of help we can offer depends on the funds available at any time.

Services - household goods


f you don’t have your birth certificate we can help you apply for a copy from any state.  We’ll also help you obtain a Florida ID (but not a driver’s license unless required by your job).  The Florida License on Wheels van comes to Daystar on a regular basis to make it very convenient to get your ID.  Call to find out the next date the FLOW van will be here.  With an ID you can then cash a check, access a shelter, receive other social services, and apply for a job or an apartment.

Services - Identification

Services - FL ID



We have bus passes and gas vouchers to get you to and from a doctor’s appointment, a job interview, and sometimes for the first week of a new job.  Daystar partners with Greyhound to reunite clients with family or close friends who live out of the area.  If a bicycle is your means of transportation, we usually have bike locks and lights.


Services- transportation assistance



If you have a prescription that you can’t afford to fill, or need the co-pay so you can visit a doctor, we may be able to help.

We have individual and family sizes of soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste, combs and brushes, razors and blades, and laundry detergent.  Infant and adult diapers, first aid supplies, and feminine care products are also available.  We can usually supply new socks and underwear.

Services - Personal Care Products


Clients who are homeless, in transitional housing, or fear mail theft can use Daystar’s address to receive their mail.  We keep it safe until you pick it up.

We have computers and phones in our client resource room so you can apply online for a job, call your case worker, listen to your voice messages, or keep in touch with family.

Services - client resource room



VITA volunteers prepare income tax returns and respond on your behalf to letters from the IRS.  This is a free service available year-round, not just in tax season.

VITA tax prep is available at the Daystar Life Center from January 26 until April 16, 2016.  Hours are Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5pm to 8pm, and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.  No appointment is necessary.  At other times of the year, call Daystar to leave a message for the tax volunteers and they will return your call to schedule an appointment.

Services - VITA income tax prep



What other social services professionals say about Daystar . . .

Over the years I have referred numerous clients to Daystar for assistance with utilities, food, clothing, Travelers Aid, prescriptions, and other essential needs.  They treat everyone I refer with dignity and respect and usually find a way to assist them with their needs.  Jane and her volunteers are wonderful to work with and I cannot say enough about their compassion and willingness to serve the most needy in our community.  They are a wonderful organization.



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